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Reflections on the Archive

Reflections on the Archive: Lesbian Pages
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May 8, 2023
Han Tiernan
A poem titled 'Bad Lesbian Sex' appeared in the centre of page 6 in issue 60 of GCN (March 1994). A bold, black block in the upper left corner of the same page asked, 'Why Women’s Pages?' Next to this, read the heading, 'Lesbian Lives in Ireland'. And so it was that the Lesbian Pages were born.Read about Lesbian Pages
Reflections on the Archive: Sex Sells
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May 30, 2023
Ethan Moser
In February 1990, GCN featured its first phone sex line advertisement. The advert, featured on the rear cover of GCN Issue 15, promoted a business known as Gay Line. Nestled between adverts for two Dublin bed-and-breakfasts, the Gay Line ad offered GCN readers a phone line to ring where “guys listen to guys.” Read about Sex Sells